Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Ok so here is an update.

My lovely boyfriend moved to New Mexico (my state) from Louisiana. Awesome!. Although he isn't quite in my zip code yet. So last time I went to visit him we took pictures. He looks lovely but I am basically wearing my lounge wear. (Just a disclaimer.)

Lovely outfit right? 

Not sure what face I was making here.

I am currently living with three roommates in an apartment where I have my own bedroom and bathroom. One roommate is one of my best friends and we had roomed together in the past so it is all hunky dory, awesome roommate living. The other two present interesting living condition continually. It has been a situation that has forced me to grow. It has definitely make me accept that when you live in a state of community it really helps to show you your sin. So it makes me deal with my faith.

Today I came home to a counter full of groceries. Just some background when I moved in our fridge and cabinets were stocked with enough food to last a major disaster, i.e. natural disaster, social disaster, zombie apocalypse. At that time there were two girls living here. Woah. Do you really need all that food, I mean really. That situation really hasn't changed much. So yeah, counter full of groceries. Are you planning on cooking for a family of 7?? It will be interesting to check our fridge and find the creative ways that it has been rearranged to accommodate the influx in groceries.

To cope with the lack of storage I have implemented several strategies.
1. Once you spot some real-estate in the fridge run to the grocery store that instance and get a few items you have been needing. I am not talking about buying the whole store. Remember other people need to keep their items chilled.

2. Upon securing valuable fridge real-estate when consuming you items always leave a serving of your item left. Then when you go to the store buy your necessary items eat your serving and BOOM! you have some space for your stuff.

Its all about maintaining your territory in the fridge.

3. With a packed fridge items can get lost in it due to arranging and rearranging. So if you come across something especially eww place it near the front so that the owner might be aware of the fact that they should probably resolve the situation.

4. Consider Craiglist for a miniature fridge. $20-75 dollars a pop. Hey not bad.

Tactic that I am hoping to work up to:

5. You are all in college. You all have left home and you all pay the same amount for rent. So calmly talk to one another. Maybe set aside areas of the fridge that "belong" to person. This also helps to teach one another how to manage their space, and they are aware that we all pay for access to a fridge.

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