Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Ok yes I realize that Valentines Day is over. So this can also apply to just plain dating. Here are things that me and my man do to help us deal with being in a long distance relationship.

1. Try to skype every night. Yes everyone has busy lives, but when you make time for your love it shows them just how important they are. Even if it is for only a little bit. You don't have to have deep meaningful conversation every time you are on skype. Often we will do things we have to get done while on skype I might be writing a blog post while he is playing Castlevania. We are both doing things we enjoy and just spending time together.

2. Movie night. This one really helps if you have netflix, but hey blockbuster works too. So put on a movie and be on the phone together. Yes you may not be able to snuggle up while watching a movie, but watching while on the phone does make it feel like you are watching the movie together. It gives a shared experience, and when you think of that movie you will think of the time you spent with your love. It also gives you things to talk about when you are on Skype.

3. Read books together. FYI If you have a good book it might be hard to put down, but remember you are reading the book together. So decide ahead of time how many chapters you will read. Again, when you read a book it gives a shared experience, and it provides an opportunity to get to know your love's views. Here are few books that we really enjoyed reading, The Help, Gregor The Underlander Series, and The Hunger Games.

4. Go to sleep on the phone together. Yeah this might sound a little lame, but give it a try. It is hard for me to explain just why I love to do this so much it just nice going to sleep without have to say good bye.

5. Keep a journal together. This one is in the works for us. Buy a journal and keep it for a couple weeks at a time and write down your thought's or your day or just love letters to your honey. Mail it back and forth to one another. One of the best parts is, is that this journal becomes a keepsake of your love.

6. Plan your visits wisely. When you are going to go see your love it is wise to plan out your visit. This prevents any wasted time together, and allows you to have more memories of doing things together. The planning is also a bonding experience as well, you are able to see what your sweetie finds fun, interesting, or worthy of being time well spent. It also gives you more opportunities to take photos of the two of you doing things together, which you can look at when you go back home.

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