Monday, October 10, 2011

40 Years Balloon Fiesta

One of the biggest events that the city of Albuquerque puts on yearly is the balloon fiesta, and even though I had only lived a couple of hours away from Albuquerque my whole life this year was the first year that I had ever been to it. The Balloon Fiesta is an international event and It was to say the least simply amazing.

It was especially neat because a week earlier I had the opportunity to go on a FREE balloon ride. Even though it was only 100ft in the air tops it was still a very neat experience.

The first official balloon launched

I thought this was a beautiful balloon.

The Creamland Cow was too big to get off the ground that morning. It was easily one of the biggest balloons there. To get an idea I was standing in the shadow of the cow when I took this picture. 

Me (on the right) with my best friend.

Balloon Glow
Later that evening we came back for what is called the balloon glow. All the balloons are set up and they coordinate so that they all glow at the same time. 

Free Balloon Ride
The weekend had started out as a crafting experience, and my friend Michelle and I had been out on the look out for chairs to revamp when we turned into this parking lot to take pictures of the balloon. When we got closer we saw a sign for free rides, and seized the opportunity. 

What rocked as well is that it was outside an antique mall that had some totally awesome stuff in it. It was all in all a Score!

The balloon that I got a ride on doing it's thing at the Fiesta

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  1. I'm glad you went to the Balloon Fiesta! It's such a cool event to see, even if you've been before. plus there are so many photo opportunities!!